My name is Andrea Czanikova and I would like to share with you my personal experience with Green Ways green foods.




I first encountered these products in 2004. After four years of suffering with recurring inflammation of the bladder, I received a referral to a paediatric nephrologist in Bratislava. 

This doctor explained to me that if I ate GW Barley and Chlorella, my immune system would fight all the bacteria and I would become healthy. Finally, this was gratifying news, given that so many doctors had told me that my bladder inflammation was chronic and that I should get used to taking antibiotics all the time. For the previous 4 years, I had taken them every other month.

Therefore, I started eating Green Ways green foods, in the doses recommended on the product packaging. After half a year, my bladder inflammation recurred once more, but after another half a year, it suddenly stopped. To this day, bladder inflammation has not bothered me. This was my first experience with GW Green Foods.

Since I was not given a detailed explanation of how green barley and chlorella pyrenoidosa work, I put them aside for a while after my bladder was cured. I thought that once my immune system was strengthened and my bladder was healthy, there was nothing left to solve. At that time, green food entered and left my life irregularly. However, it was always only for a certain part of the year. This came from a lack of information about what those green foods can actually do.

My second encounter with green foods took place in January of 2014. At that time, I was suffering from acute borreliosis and again received an offer of treatment with strong antibiotics for 40 days, without any guarantee of a cure. That’s when I remembered the green foods that used to help me a lot. I contacted the employees at Green Ways in the right way, and had them explain everything. I started eating very large amounts of barley and chlorella; 6 rounded teaspoons of barley per day and 60 of chlorella. This dosage was recommended to me by a GW consultant based on past experience. After half a year, to my surprise, several results were achieved.

It wasn’t just the arthritis caused by Lyme disease that went away. I had suffered from allergic rhinitis for years; in fact, since I was three years old. However, after this six-month increased dose of green food, I “sneezed¨ for only three weeks out of my normal three-month period. I also suffered from vaginal mycoses due to the amount of antibiotics I had taken for bladder inflammation, but I saw the mycosis disappearing within a month. Since childhood, I also used to have migraines that lasted for three days, including an aura and a pins-and-needles feeling in my hands. I suddenly realised that months had passed and I had experienced no migraines. Even today, when I feel strong and healthy, large quantities of GW Barley and Chlorella are part of my diet. If anyone is wondering why, it is simply because they are a high-quality supplement for my daily activities. Over the years, I have become convinced that the body can be full of energy and vitality if it simply has the right fuel. 

How the Green Ways green foods influenced the health of my already 15-year-old daughter Julia.




Julia was born on 28 May 2005 as a healthy child. This good health only lasted from 9 o'clock in the morning until the evening of that same day. In the evening of 28 May 2005, my daughter started to have too much mucus in her nasal passages and could not breathe through her nose. We were told that she had contracted GOLDEN STAPHYLOCOUS, a bacillus that is resistant in their maternity ward even when they disinfect everything. So, that’s where it all started.

For six long months, we struggled with her permanent rhinitis and stuffed up nose. As a one-week-old baby, she first received antibiotics against GOLDEN STAPHYLOCOUS, which, of course, did not work at all. She was breastfed for 4 months; then, we were forced to switch to Nutrilon due to a lack of breast milk. My daughter’s diet was complicated, as she only accepted new foods (first baby foods) with difficulty. 

At the age of two, her breathing condition worsened so much that she had to undergo sweat tests for cystic fibrosis. Fortunately, they ruled this out, but she was diagnosed with ASTHMA and received medication including Ventolin, Erius and Montelukas. After a week of taking these, she developed diarrhoea and we did not see any improvement. Therefore, we dropped Erius and Ventolin, and she only continued on Montelukas medication. During this period, the first manifestations of ATOPIC ECZEMA occurred. Fortunately, this was not extreme, but “only¨ in the skin folds of the arms and on the eyelids. It partially disappeared and then reappeared. When she was approximately 2.5-years old, I decided to give my daughter Green Ways Chlorella, but due to my poor knowledge and without the help of a consultant, she only consumed 2-3 pieces a day.

Her health did not deteriorate in any way, but she was still congested and coughing, and she had recurrent inflammations of NASOPHARYNX, while Staphylococcus aureus was still present. The antibiotics did not work in any way, so we stopped even taking them from the doctor. She last used antibiotics as a four-year-old. During this period, she also underwent surgery to remove her tonsils which I took very hard. But to my surprise, it improved her health and the NASOPHARYNGITIS stopped recurring. 

From the age from 4 to 8, she somehow stabilized, but she continued to take Montelukas regularly. She had rhinitis twice a year, which lasted a long time, even 2-3 months, until she got rid of her congested nose. She was no longer taking antibiotics or other medicines, and she ate chlorella regularly, but unfortunately only in a low dose of up to about 10 pieces per day, which was not enough to treat her problem. When my daughter was 8 years old, GW green foods came into our lives for the second time, but with a proper explanation of how these products work and how to consume them properly. My daughter also started drinking barley and increased her chlorella intake to 30 pcs. a day, then after a short time to 60 pcs. per day. Gradually, the diet in our family changed to a healthier one, and my daughter was more amenable to that.

Today, I know that the vitality of the lungs is related to healthy intestinal microflora. After the changes we made, after just a few months, 8-year-old Julia discontinued taking Montelukas and her rhinitis did not last 2 months, but 2 weeks. Today, Julia is 15 years old, and she is not congested. There are periods when she does not have a cold even once a year and if so, she is fit again within a week. She has no traces of atopic eczema. She eats GW green foods every day – 1 tbsp. of barley and 60 pieces of chlorella – as a source of nutrition, and she feels healthier than her classmates, despite her childhood prospects. 

My husband's story and his experience with green foods began to form at the same time as mine.  




My husband's story and his experience with green foods began at the same time as mine. It was in 2014 that I brought green food home for everyone, including my husband and daughter, for the first time. Since I was very ill, my husband said that he would try the supplements, but only in an economical mode so that it did not burden us too much financially. 

At that time, we were not in a very good financial situation, so I left this as HE wanted. As far as Tomas can remember, he began to suffer from psoriasis during puberty, i.e. around the age of 15-16. He didn’t have it all over his body, but I saw that it was gradually getting worse. The problem started on his scalp. His skin wept every day and became inflamed, then peeled off in the form of large yellow scales. His head was very itchy, so the doctors prescribed him corticosteroids, which helped for a while but did not solve the problem. These red inflamed spots gradually spread to his eyebrows, then to his chest and in the winter to the small joints of his hands.

As I mentioned, in the beginning my husband decided to try barley and chlorella with me and my daughter, but only sparingly: 20 pieces of chlorella a day and 1 tsp. of barley. After two years of this, there was no change in his condition. But at that time, I decided to cooperate with GW and our financial situation improved a bit, so I convinced him to try more of both chlorella and barley. He started consuming a dose of 40 chlorella pieces and 2 teaspoons of barley a day.

After about 8 months, I told him that I hadn’t bought him any herbal shampoo for a long time, which he had previously used every day so that the scalp was at least bearable. He told me that he now only used it occasionally. His scalp had improved so much that the red spots had stopped forming, or just remained here and there on an area of his head, but his skin was still itchy. So we made another deal, and he started eating 60 pieces of chlorella a day and 4 teaspoons of barley. 

It didn't take long before he had no weeping, inflamed spots on his head and eyebrows. In the winter, he did not suffer from painful eczema in the small joints of his hands. Although the spots still appear on his chest from time to time, especially if he eats unhealthy food, they disappear over time.

If the body receives the right nutrients, it can cope with long-lasting health problems. 17 years of psoriasis have now changed to 3 years without any manifestations of this disease.Our whole family owes their thanks to GW and to Barley and Chlorella for our improved health.

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