My green story began to be written almost two years ago, but my health journey began far earlier, 10 years ago.  

When I was 16, I had problems with my right eye that occurred overnight. First, it was a misty vision in the evening, which deteriorated sharply. The next morning my vision was like I was underwater, and by evening I could not go down the stairs alone. The diagnosis was optic neuritis. However, no one paid attention to the tremor of my hands and the unimaginable fatigue that had bothered me for as long as a year before.  The next year was full of visits to various physicians and hospitals, until they finally agreed that all my symptoms could fall within the diagnosis with the number G35 – relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis. Years of study followed, searching for a suitable drug, testing of nutritional supplements, further nerve inflammations, changing my diet, homeopathic remedies... until I finally managed to stabilise my clinical condition. I managed to study as a Pharmacy at university and attended a 4-year School of Classical Homeopathy on the weekends without any problems, and I got used to how well I was despite my diagnosis.

I experienced only three of all the terrible things that could have happened to me, and I learned to live with them. I was still quite tired, but it was better than before. My doctor told me that this was pretty normal in every MS-patient, and I should be glad that I still managed to study and later work normally for 8 hours a day. Although my optic nerve healed and my vision returned, its fibres dwindled with each annual check-up, but the doctors said this was “at a normal speed¨. I was told that this was how it was and would remain, as the nerves were damaged and the inflammation was still somewhere under the scar, so nothing could be done about it. I also used to be sick every month. It was nothing serious – rhinitis here, sore throat there and on the top of that, regular urinary tract infections. So I took antibiotics 3 to 6 times a year.

At that time, as part of my profession, I was writing some articles on medicinal plants for a civil association. They asked me to prepare an article about barley and chlorella, as it was popular at that time, and how real the results were – whether it was really such a miracle cure, or just clever marketing. I started studying and writing, but although I was already quite excited about green foods at the time, I was afraid of using them due to my autoimmune disease. 

However, as is often the case, when something is destined to happen, the whole universe will come together to make it happen. A short time later, some things happened that finally convinced me to try green foods. Three weeks after completing my latest round of antibiotics, I became ill again, but I no longer wanted to tolerate it and blame the immunotherapy drugs for my illness. In a Facebook group, I accidentally “came across¨ my current “green¨ consultant, Andrea Czanikova, and I decided to at least discuss my situation with a person who works with green foods. Various people’s experiences with barley and chlorella suddenly swarmed over me, and everyone told me that if I wanted to try it, then go with Green Ways: “It's more expensive, but you have a guarantee of the best quality¨. Finally, I also got approval from my neurologist who informed me indifferently that some of her patients had taken it and nothing terrible happened to anyone yet – so if I wanted, I could give it a try.

I started taking Green Ways Barley and Chlorella slowly, according to the autoimmune protocol, until I stopped at my current dose of 3-4 tbsp. of barley and 30-40 pieces of chlorella a day. I had already been taking good care of my diet and lifestyle, so there were no terrible signs of detox or reactions. I liked the supplement and I believed it couldn’t hurt. Then in a period of 15 months, I was ill only 3 times instead of 15 times, and I avoided respiratory infections and suffered from only two inflammations of the urinary tract and one gastric virus. I only took antibiotics once.

Surprisingly, after a few months, I also noticed that I had much more energy. Instead of my usual 750 m in the pool with two breaks, I suddenly managed to swim a kilometre without a break. I added morning yoga to swimming twice a week, which was unimaginable before then, as it was hard for me just to get out of bed in time in the morning, let alone exercise. While I could only dream of hiking before meeting the Green Ways enthusiasts, I now go hiking regularly. But the most beautiful surprise awaited me – my “normally¨ thinning optic nerve suddenly stopped thinning and its condition stabilised! I was also pleased with the news I received from my gynaecologist, because I used to have cysts in my breasts. Of the original four, I have only one today and it is also half a cm smaller than it used to be. I have no doubt that over time, it will disappear completely thanks to Green Ways.

I used to say that despite the sclerosis, I was doing quite well and leading an almost normal life. However, after almost two green years, I feel as if I no longer have any sclerosis and I am enjoying life not almost, but really fully. I highly recommend green foods to everyone. My theoretical knowledge about them has been perfectly confirmed in practice, and I was surprised by the many other effects they have, although no one has scientifically researched them yet.
I decided that through this team of consultants and the Green Ways company, I wanted to share the potential of these products with people who were like me 10 years ago, when I had a serious diagnosis without a medical degree and the doctors were only partially able to help me.  When no doctor could look at my health comprehensively, I realised that I had to take it into my own hands. I decided to study Pharmacy, because I knew in my mind that complex solutions exist for every disease, but in order to find and understand them, I needed to know how the human body works and how the substances we put into it take effect. Pharmacy is not just about drugs – it also taught me how foods (not just green ones), nutritional supplements and medicinal plants and mushrooms work, and especially how to combine all these ingredients properly so that a person (healthy or sick) can get the most out of them. I became so interested in herbs that I decided to study them for the next four years of my life, and this year I am finishing my doctoral studies in the field of Medicinal Plant Research.

During my journey, homeopathy also helped me a lot, and since I still ask how and why it works and I wanted to understand it, I also successfully graduated from the 4-year Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy and I am still continuously learning about homeopathic practices. My personal experience has convinced me that most diseases have their origin in our constitution and psyche, and these are the areas that homeopathy has perfectly mapped out, so I perceive it as a suitable complementary treatment for all diseases. Even after 7 years of actively practicing it, the potential for homeopathy to help even in cases where everything else has failed still surprises me.

As an alternative treatment form of homeopathy, pregnant women often seek out solutions to their own problems. These women also have increased demands on their supply of nutrients, which we can help perfectly with green foods. Women have often contacted me as a pharmacist, to discuss medications or herbs during pregnancy. In an effort to really understand their problems in depth and to understand childbirth and its impact on our future lives (we gain a predisposition to many diseases while in the uterus, or thanks to the way we come into the world and how we experience our first moments in it), I started to study the information about this specific period in women’s lives intensively, and I have become a doula in training. This means that I have completed a year of theoretical training to accompany women during their pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium, although I still lack the practical part of the doula course,  which is to accompany a woman directly during childbirth.

Pregnant women need someone to sit with them for a long time, explain to them what is going on in their body and how to achieve the best possible result for both mother and baby. They need comprehensive information that doctors often have no desire or time to explain (not to mention that doctors often have no idea about many of these issues). Ten years ago, as a young person with a serious diagnosis, I also needed someone to sit with me for a long time, to explain to me what happened to my health and why, and how to fix it. Such a person did not exist at that time, so I had to become one myself.  The combination of the high-quality nutrients provided by Green Ways, conventional pharmacotherapy, medicinal plants and fungi, and homeopathy tailored to a particular person and their particular disease and lifestyle, usually proves to be the best way to good health. 
Therefore, I offer strict individual consultations, where we can look at the health condition from several angles along with the client, and create a specific therapy protocol that will suit him/her best.

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