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What is synergy? 
Synergy = Interaction

The nutritional benefit of green foods is much more effective for our body when barley and chlorella are eaten together. MUDr. Rastislav Korman commented: "I perceive barley and chlorella products as an ideal combination of yang and yin energy".

Young barley is yang energy,i.e. the energy of light, heat, dynamics, day. 

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is yin energy, i.e. the energy of darkness, cold, peace, night. 

Life is created only by combining these two energies, and therefore these two products work best together.

Our workplace focused on monitoring changes in the energy- information system of the examined individual during the inclusion of young barley and chlorella pyrenoidosa in the measuring circuit. The results were more than interesting. Because, out of the 97 cases, the values ​​improved in75% after the inclusion of young barley. The inclusion effect of chlorella confirmed an improvement effect in 63%.

But the most important fact is that after the inclusion of both green foods at the same time, the values ​​improved by 97%!!! Thus, through these products, the fact of the synergistic effect of yang and yin energy was confirmed

The logically assumed conclusion confirmed by the measurement is that the combination of both foods ultimately increases their effectiveness
The examination itself was performed by the method of electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll - EVA. It is a complex resonance examination, the aim of which is an effort to correct disturbed energy flows in the body's energy information system.
Just as in the traditional Chinese medicine, the yang energy – is a man and the yin energy – is a woman, so canGW Barley be understood as the energy of fire going up from the soil to the sun - nourishing and strengthening. GW Chlorella can be understood as the energy of the birth of life, coming from water and moisture, which cleanses and protects.

When they enter the body together, they create an ideal situation for regulatory and defence mechanisms.

green foods are base-forming

what is base-formingeffect and how is it manifested?

There are foods that are alkaline and foods that are also base-forming. Base-forming foods help create the right pH in our bodies. 

One of the manifestations of acidification of the organism is tooth decay. Up to 98% of the population suffers from this disease. Toothpastes are a superficial solution, teeth do not get spoilt because we clean them little, but because our bodies do not have proper nutrition. 

A green diet hasa base-forming effect on our bodies, and this keeps carcinogens living from acidification in check. And this applies several times to theGreen Ways barley and chlorella.

The most prominent example is blood. It must have an alkalinity of around 7.3 ... pH, otherwise our lives would be at risk.

When there is a risk of total acidification, the body distributes the ratio of acidity and alkali unevenly so as not to endanger vital centers. Figuratively speaking, it will transfer alkalinity from places where the loss of an ideal environment will not endanger us so much. For example, from the oral cavity, small intestine and urinary tract. First, it "borrows" from the mouth. The result is increased tooth decay, dental plaque, bleeding gums, periodontitis. Even worse, the acids disrupt the taste buds, increasing the craving for sugars, fats and salt.

Green Ways green foods balance acidity. And they restore the natural pH for individual parts and organs of the body. The problem of acidification is a textbook example of the relationship: cause - disease - treatment.

In Germany alone, € 3 million a year is spent on drugs for acidification and burning. These "drugs" neutralize stomach acids for several hours. But when we need acid to digest, we're unlucky - it's not there! Undigested food travels through the intestines and becomes toxic to us! Antacids also suppress the acidity needed for proper digestion. Acidified bodies need a "flush" with an alkaline diet, otherwise an environment is created in which diseases multiply. 

The disease is like a parasite- it lives from us. We feed it with our food. If we opt for barley and chlorella, on the contrary, we will strengthen the body with a quality base-forming diet.

Pokiaľ hrozí celkové prekyslenie, organizmus pomer kyslosti a zásad nerovnomerne rozloží, aby nedošlo k ohrozeniu životne dôležitých centier. Obrazne povedané – preleje zásaditosť z miest, kde nás strata ideálneho prostredia toľko neohrozí.
Napríklad z ústnej dutiny, tenkého čreva a z močového ústrojenstva. Najprv si „požičia“ od úst. Dôsledkom je zvýšená kazovosť zubov, zubní povlak, krvácavosť ďasien, paradentóza. Ešte horšie je, že kyseliny narušia chuťové poháriky, čím sa zvýši chuť na cukry, tuky a soľ.

Zelené potraviny Green Ways kyslosť vyrovnávajú. A prinavracajú prirodzené pH pre jednotlivé časti a orgány tela. Problém prekyslenia je učebnicovým príkladom vzťahu: príčina – choroba – liečba.

Len v Nemecku sa za lieky proti prekysleniu a páleniu záhy minie 3 milióny eur ročne. Tieto „lieky“ na niekoľko hodín neutralizujú žalúdočné kyseliny. Keď ale kyselinu potrebujeme na trávenie, máme smolu – nie je! Nestrávená potrava putuje črevami a stáva sa pre nás toxickou! Antacidy potlačia i kyslosť, ktorá je potrebná na správne trávenie. Prekyslené telá potrebujú „preplach“ zásaditou stravou, inak vzniká prostredie, v ktorom sa množia choroby. 

Choroba je parazit, žije z nás. My ju kŕmime, tým čo jeme. Ak sa rozhodneme pre jačmeň a chlorellu telo naopak posilníme kvalitnou zásadotvornou stravou.

GREEN WAYS barley and chlorella

Barley and chlorella are among the most important sources of chlorophyll on Earth. Thanks to chlorophyll, the plants live and we breathe. Our blood pigment haemoglobin has a similar chemical structure to chlorophyll. Thanks to chlorophyll, our oxygen is better transferred, blood counts are improved, performance is increased and healing is accelerated.

In medicine, chlorophyll is used as an anti-inflammatory agent and as a deodorant. Mouthwashes, chewing gums, toothpastes or deodorants contain chlorophyll for its ability to remove odours. Internal cleansing with chlorophyll is a health, cosmetic and aesthetic matter.

Chlorophyll is one of the most suitable indicators of the green foods benefit, the more it is, the better the quality of green foods. Administration of isolated chlorophyll is risky as it is chemically unstable. On the other hand, in quality Green Ways green foods, it is safe and effective for the body.

We will answer important questions about chlorophyll:

How much chlorophyll is in the Green Ways Barley?
13.19 mg/100 g (our biggest competitor has a value of 4.62 mg/100 g)

When is chlorophyll dangerous?
Chlorophyll breaks down into pheophorbides. These cause an allergic reaction in our body. It is true that the lower the chlorophyll content of green foods, the more pheophorbides they contain.

In what form is chlorophyll best?
Always in the most natural form possible.It is ideal to consume it unprocessed, untorn from its life context, then it works in synergy with other nutritional teammates.

What is chlorophyll good for?
- Has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body
- Suppresses odour
- It has a positive effect on the activity of the digestive tract
- It helps maintain the proper pH of the body
- It has a beneficial effect on the oral cavity
- Helps oxygenate blood
- Captures carcinogens from the intestines
- Protects healthy cells from the effects of radiation
- Helps heal damaged DNA
- Supports the death of cancer cells
- Prevents the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria
- Reduces pain and itching.svrbenie

benefit of fiber
from GREEN WAYS green foods

The presence of fibre in the Green Ways barley and chlorella is abundant. Barley contains dietary (soluble) fibre. 

Dietary fibre from Green Ways:

- reduces excessive stomach acidity
- helps stabilize sugar levels 
- contributes to the feeling of satiety 
- helps the body save with insulin and thus contributes to successful weight loss 
- is important in the prevention and treatment of diabetes 
- lowers cholesterol levels
-  it's a good prebiotic 

The right bacteria in our digestive tract like it and thus helps to multiply the right intestinal microflora. It is intended for people with acute inflammations of the digestive tract mucous membranes, who must temporarily avoid rough fibre. 

On the other hand, chlorella contains coarse insoluble cellulosic (three-layer) fibre. This fibre passes through the entire digestive tract, without being absorbed. It helps remove toxins, improves the passage of digested food through the intestines and helps prevent constipation, haemorrhoids, and more serious diseases, such as colon cancer.

external use of GREEN WAYS
barley And CHLORELLa

On the external use of barley and chlorella, it can be seen very well how they heal and regenerate, and this is exactly how they work inside our bodies. Both green foods regenerate the surface of the skin and mucous membranes, mainly due to the abundant representation of the green pigment - chlorophyll. 

and how does it look like in practice?

Barley can be used on all surface wounds that are closed, for example: 

- Insect bites, burns, mucositis, eczema ... 

If we apply barley to an open wound, it is very likely that we will feel a sting. Which is not pleasant for everyone. In the case of a closed wound, we avoid this feeling, and at the same time treat the wound nicely. 

Barley can be used in both wet and greasy bases. What exactly does this mean? 

Barley in a wet base - is a barley powder made with water to a slurry, or a thinner liquid, which we apply to eczematous skin, burns, insect bites, or mucous membranes (in the form of rinsing). 

Barley in a greasy base - is a barley powder made in cocoa butter or another pure greasy base. It is applied to eczematous skin or burns, but also as suppositories (hemorrhoids) or vaginal globules (mucosal gynecological inflammations).

Chlorella can be used on all superficial wounds - closed and open. For example: Insect bites, burns, inflammation of the mucous membranes (except eyes), eczema, leg ulcers, postoperative wounds, abrasions.If chlorella gets into an open wound, it does not cause a stinging sensation. Again, it can be used in both wet and greasy bases. 

Chlorella in a wet base - is a chlorella powder made with pure water to a slurry or thinner liquid. We apply it to eczematous skin, burns, insect bites, abrasions of various kinds, poorly healing postoperative wounds or open leg ulcers. 

Chlorella in a greasy base - is a chlorella powder made in cocoa butter or another pure greasy base. It is applied to eczematous skin, burns, but also in the form of suppositories (hemorrhoids) or vaginal globules (mucosal gynecological inflammations).