Marta Behulova

Marta Behulova


My name is Marta Behulova and my journey with Green Ways started 5 years ago. I got to know them thanks to Andrea Czanikova, my good friend, and I will tell you what preceded that and why I am now here, in cooperation with her. From an early age, my health was not good. I often had herpes, I was always felt cold, and in the fifth grade I got jaundice. Perhaps as a result of overcoming this disease, I later began to pay more attention to my diet. I chose healthier foods and limited heavy and inappropriate meals, while I also liked to participate in sports for a feeling of well-being. Nevertheless, at the age of 35 I started to have a spinal pain, which culminated in intervertebral disc surgery. After a few years, all the joints on my body started to hurt and I felt the internal inflammation was getting worse.

A cycle of examinations and diagnoses began. Borreliosis was a false positive, as well as rheumatism, which was false despite a high rheumatoid factor. I was diagnosed with reflux and gastritis, but my whole body ached and I did not understand what was happening to me.

In 2012, the words of an infectologist were: “I don’t know what is wrong with you, as you know, there are so things between heaven and earth.¨ I then made a decision to finish with doctors, and to find out what was happening to me myself. I chose the path of an even more radical change in my diet. This belief became a part of me so much that I completed a course in nutritional counselling, and in 2014, I opened a small health food store. 
However, although the pain was less, but I still felt uncomfortable inside and it was not good. I even repeatedly underwent measurements of “parasites¨, hoping that if I got rid of them, I would be healthy. But it became a vicious circle. The inflammation still persisted, and I felt as if I always had a “cold¨ in my body. In addition, my health food store was not very prosperous, so I felt incompetent and disappointed, which did not help to my mental well-being at all. While sitting in the store one day, a hitherto unknown woman came to see me – my current partner, Andrea Czanikova – with a GREEN OFFER. Without hesitation, I registered as a consumer of the Green Ways Barley and Chlorella green foods, and at the same time, I decided to work with her in the form of network marketing. In April 2015, my enthusiasm was renewed and I felt like this was it. Natural food and natural work. I started eating green foods with enthusiasm, especially chlorella, which I liked from the first moment. I liked barley less, but after a few months (April-August 2015) on a high dose of about 100 pieces of chlorella a day, something changed in me and I began to like barley more. At this point, I need to say that after the increase in chlorella, my herpes literally broke out every month, even though I was on that high dose of chlorella. Today, it is clear to me that my body began to cleanse itself. It didn't appear in September, which is when, as I mentioned, I began to like barley. I drank the supplement irregularly, sometimes one tablespoon and sometimes two a day. My reflux improved and my joints didn't hurt as much, but although the inflammation was weaker, it still persisted.

In the summer of 2016, the herpes reappeared. I increased my dose of barley to four tablespoons a day, and the herpes dried up completely after a few days. I believed in green foods and I trusted myself much more than before – as part of the “green¨ team – because I perceived network marketing as my lifetime opportunity from the first moment. I met a lot of new people, who were very inspiring and far-sighted, and who thought a lot like me. This was literally healing for me. I was happy that what I was doing made sense, and that it was profound and beneficial not only for me, but also for many other people who would come my way.Thanks to all this, my health improved, but my body continued to signal that something was wrong. I thought it was maybe the remnants of reflux. It was an alternating cycle, where I felt well for a few days well and then fell back, with a feeling something like an inner cold. It was quite a difficult period, because I had decided to end the operation of my store and I moved away, while relationship problems were added to the mix and all this required a lot of strength from me.

I ate GW green foods for two full years, which helped me a lot, but I felt that I needed something else to tackle this mental burden. Spontaneously, I began to pay increased attention to what was going on inside me, what I was experiencing, and I began to make connections between my inner experience and its outer manifestation in the body. I called this process a return to nature, and over the course of three years, I formed a circle of women who also decided to return to nature.

Today, green foods are an everyday part of my life. Two tablespoons of barley and 50 pieces of chlorella a day cover my daily dose of nutrients. When I feel weighed down, I add more, as needed. At the same time, I have formed a growing network of people understand that the path to health is not a one-time affair, and that it is not a “cure¨ or a fancy detox, but is a style of life and a daily habit. Although a period of deterioration may occur, it is often, paradoxically, a sign of improvement and healing. Over the years, thanks to the power of green foods – GW Barley and Chlorella – and my inner strength, I have discovered many connections between what I experience inside and how this often unconscious experience is embodied to become, in a foreign word, “somatic¨. 

I learned to end my mental pain. As a result, the GW green foods that came my way at the best possible time are fully showing their benefits. Inner wounds can heal, and it is my primary aim to live without pain and without fear that the pain will return. To live in nature, and to enjoy HEALTH. 

Why am I here? I offer advice on using the GW green foods. I know the individual stages of this process thoroughly, as well as the possible detoxification manifestations and a safe way out of them. At the same time, I can offer you my ability to look into the connections between your psychic experience and its somatisation, or manifestation in the body. By understanding your experience, you will regain power over your health, and that is what I can help you with.

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