Organic cranberry

Vaccinium macrocarpon, also called the American or Canadian cranberry, belong to the same family as the blueberry (family Ericaceae). They can be most often found in areas of central and eastern Canada or in the northeast and middle east of the United States of America.

Green Ways Organic Cranberries are grown as part of an agroforestry production system in the US state of Washington. 

The forest cranberry, i.e. grown in its natural environment, is much richer in nutrients than the varieties growing in home gardens. The forest cranberry requires an acidic soil, and this is best formed in a forest environment. 

We use a specific technology of ventilated drying on a conveyor belt to dry the raw materials. Afterwards, they are dried in a thin layer in a “draft¨ for several hours, in the form of whole berries. 

The goal is to get all the valuable substances, many of which are in the skin of the berry and just under it. The air drying temperature is up to 35 degrees Celsius. Then, the dried fruits are finally ground to a fine powder. It also contains small grains, so the structure of the powder is of a rougher consistency. 

what does GREEN WAYSOrganic forest cranberry contain?

Vitamins C, E,  and provitamin A 
Minerals and trace elements – potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus Polyphenolic substances – we can find these in whole fruit, as well as in the flesh and in the skin
Glycoside arbutin – characteristic for cranberries and is contained in them in large quantities 
Arbutin – responsible for beneficial effects in the prevention and treatment of urinary tract inflammation, as well as acting to whiten pigment spots on the skin Omega 3 fatty acids 

what are the health benefits of GREEN WAYS Organic forest cranberries?

  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect - effective in treating urinary tract infections
  • Fights yeast infections 
  • Has the ability to fight Streptococcal bacteria
  • Support liver cleansing 
  • Helps release earwax – to improve hearing
  • Improve heart health 
  • Has an antiviral effect 
  • Reduces the risk of cancer 
  • Lowers blood glucose levels – thereby promoting weight loss
  • Supports the treatment of chronic intestinal inflammation – they are a great food for a healthy intestinal microbiome 
  • Protects the eyes from damage 
  • Positive effect in prostatitis 
  • Supports dehydration and cleansing of the body 

how can we useGREEN WAYS Organic forest cranberry?

You can easily use Green Ways Cranberries, for example, to prepare cocktails, smoothies, porridges or a delicious drink. You can also add the product to yogurt. It will also serve very well as a natural colorant, and it is great for cold dishes, where it retains its biologically active substances.