Everyone goes through certain stages of health during their life. I wasn’t often sick – maybe once every 10 years– and my children did not see me in pain, but on the contrary full of energy. I never spared myself physically, as I liked to stay busy either at work or an a 17 acre garden. Over time, I realized how I was using the body, but did not support it nutritionally. My first health problem was with tennis elbow. I used a few sprays all the time, as well as some painkillers and rehabilitation medication, and there was peace for a while. But then nothing improved for a long time. It became an endless cycle, with more diagnoses starting after I reached my 50s.At the age of 52, I had eye surgery for a cataract, then some time later shoulder surgery for degenerative changes.

In the hospital, I had time to think about where I was going wrong with my diet, because it is not possible to have old age disease in one’s 50’s. I read about how healthy juices are, so I regularly juiced fruit and vegetables. But even this change was not enough. Another problem came in the form of pins-and-needles fin both my hands during the day and at night. You know how it goes before you reach a diagnosis; they send you from doctor to doctor and prescribe various medications. But how could I be treated if I did not know what was wrong with me? Therefore, I ask my general practitioner for a referral and I arranged an examination in NURCH myself.  Finally, I learned that I had osteoarthritis of the small joints of the hands, and I was prescribed analgesics and nonsteroidal antirheumatic drugs.

As one diagnosis was not enough for me, it did not take long for fibromatosis palmaris to be added to osteoarthritis. In my case, this condition manifested itself as pain in the middle fingers of the hands and bumps in the palms. I would wake up in pain at night, knowing that my father had this problem and surgery was done on his hands. However, I have been eating in a different way than my parents, as I am aware that the organism has regenerative abilities and I am trying to support that. In March 2014, I learned about green foods and start adding them to my diet. I do not follow the recommended doses on the boxes; instead, I eat about 30 pieces of chlorella and 2 teaspoons of barley. I am interested in the effects of green foods on the human body.  I read all about these products and also the stories of people who have been helped by green foods. That is why I am persistent, and it’s also why my condition is constantly improving. When I say persistent, I mean that it has got better with higher doses, of about 50 chlorella pieces and 5 teaspoons of barley.

I have learned that it was enough to add these supplements to my diet and my condition has changed so much that today I can bend my fingers without pain. I still have bumps in my palms, but surgery is not necessary. At the age of 63, I feel super vital, and for four years in a row I have been practicing physiotherapy exercises with my trainer and also on my own. 

I still have osteoarthritis of the hands, but I’m not taking any medication. Since my husband and I feel physically young, we have been training in ballroom dance for up to 2 hours a week for 4 years now – by the way, it’s pretty hard :).In winter, we also go skiing. We both realise that the years are passing fast, so we want to enjoy life and not just survive in sickness.Don’t be afraid to take your health decisions into your own hands.  


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