my pregnancy with green foods

how did it all begin? :)

In 2017, a great desire for a second child arose in my heart. The daughter Julie was 12 years old already. Not that we hadn't thought about the second child at all until then, but somehow there was no inner desire. It did not arrive until 2017. And since we are a very active family (skis, bicycles, skates, travelling, mountains ...), we were of course wondering when would be the best time to get pregnant. :)

We planned it on the spring of 2018, after the skiing season. And, I really managed to get pregnant on the first try in April 2018. I was 36 years old, my husband was 37 years old, and we said to ourselves that why not at that time, when our bodies were in the best health condition. 

Thanks to Green Ways, we have both solved out a number of health problems. We both played sports and lived healthy. And it really worked out :) 

But "A man plans and the God decides," so the saying applies. I continued to play sports and worked at full speed. I lacked humility for this little miracle. The baby definitely didn't like my pace of life and at 8 weeks, it decided to leave :) Its heart just stopped beating. 

No, I didn't have breakdown! It made me "only" think deeply. Being focused on nature and its laws, I realized in what ways I was going against myself. The pace of life I had was really fast. 

After this deep experience, I never planned when it would be appropriate to get pregnant. I have given everything to the wisdom of the universe, God, nature. Even the "abortion", as doctors would call it, I left to nature and everything went completely naturally, without medical intervention. And I promised the baby that if it decided to come back, I would stop and listen much more to my body and its needs.

However, despite many awareness, pregnancy still did not come. Indeed, everything had to stop for our little miracle to return. When I think back of only one positive thing about this corona time, it is a stop. 

In March 2020, the children stopped going to school, and for me it meant not getting up to an alarm clock and to get my beauty sleep every morning. The fitness centers closed and I stopped exercising every morning, as I had before. People stopped meeting physically, and I also had to bring my work home and into the online world. It was as if time had stopped. 

And here I understood that I had to slow down not after the baby comes, but I had to slow down before its arrival. Two months after"the world stopped" in May 2020, I found myself expecting a baby.

I promised it with joy and concerns that I would pay close attention to it. A really positivething was that my body was supplied with nutrients from the GW barley and chlorella every day.

Many women become aware of their pregnancy at 3to 4 weeks, and it is too late to supply the body with folic acid, which has a great impact on the healthy development of the foetus. The GW Barley and chlorella are a rich source of folic acid and iron in their natural absorbable form.

So how did it all develop further? Until the 13th week of pregnancy, I really walked like on a puff and pampered myself and my baby. All sports and activities went aside. I went to the counselling centre regularly, and I was curious about the results of all the tests.

At that time, my doses of green foods were 90 pieces of chlorella and 20 g of barley per day. The first blood test results, which evaluate the blood count and all the elements that would be important to supplement, were perfectly fine.

Another test that I was really curious about was genetic disorders and Dawn's syndrome. At the age of 39, this test´s results are automatically unfavourable. Nevertheless, my gynaecologist surprised me with the words: "the results are excellent, much better than in younger mothers". Everything developed as it should and at 16 weeks, I started to feel the first movements. This gave me the courage to return to sports :)

Since I felt great during this period, my husband and I decided to buy me an e-bike and start cycling again. Yes, this is not the safest sport for a pregnant woman, but I just love it. Autumn, the forest with its scents and all those colors of nature. We chose routes that had a paved surface and as few "bumps" as possible. 

Since the whole time was slowed down, it allowed us to ride our bikes 3 times a week. And I enjoyed this amazing activity until the end of November 2020. 

Another blood tests awaited me before Christmas. I refused the diabetes test and the doctor wanted to make sure that everything was fine with me. I was already in my seventh month of pregnancy. To tell the truth, I was also interested in the results. And they did not disappoint me.

Again, everything was fine. Hemoglobin over 120, iron in standard .... And I was praised for taking good care of myself. Being healthy and vital at any age is not a matter of course.

I have the opportunity to realize this very often during consultations with clients who use the GW barley and chlorella only when it is necessary to address something. 

My clients include pregnant women, often much younger than me. The fact that they are anemic before pregnancy, that they are tired, that their hair falls out, they experience severe nausea and even vomiting, or that they develop gestational diabetes and their legs swell up are the result of a long-term deficit and nutritional imbalance. 

All this can be solved; but it is much easier if a woman turns to the Green Ways green foods at least a year before the baby is conceived.

Her body has a chance to start cleansing and supplementing with nutrients, and many of the mentioned unpleasant symptoms are avoided during pregnancy. My decision to eat green food for a long time, ensured a completely problem-free pregnancy, the healthy development of the baby and gave me the strength to do many activities despite my “higher¨age.

When I compare both of my pregnancies, the first one in the age of 25 and the second in the age of 39, I see no difference in vitality and activity between them. And only the final phase awaits me. The last blood tests were done on January 12, 2021 and they were excellent again.

Dear readers, think of us so that this final phase should run as smoothly and healthily as a whole pregnancy. I will definitely be happy to share with you this experience, which is accompanied by postpartum recovery, or the onset of milk production, breastfeeding, sleep and other joys with the baby. I wish every woman who longs for a baby a successful conception, a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby.